TITLE:“Technical Assistance and Supervision for Yüksekova Wastewater Treatment Plant Project”
NAME OF CLIENT:General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Technical Assistance and Supervision
NAME OF LEGAL ENTITY:Hydroment Consulting Engineers SA (GR)
DATES (START):05/2020
DATES (END):Ongoing
PLACE:Yuksekova – Turkey
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:The contractor will be responsible for Administrative, technical and financial capacity building for the WUD/PIU of the Municipality; Modernisation of the WUD and provision of the necessary training and support for institutional sustainability; Technical assistance to the WUD/ PIU by practical training including project management, and management of the WWTP after construction; Technical assistance to the WUD/PIU in performance of leakage detection and Non-Revenue Water reduction programme; Contract management and construction supervision for the implementation of wastewater treatment plant (Works Contract) ; Preparation of Sludge Management Plan to assess the final usage alternatives of the sludge produced at the wastewater treatment plant

The Works Contract with the duration of 30 months construction period and 12 months of DNP to be supervised in this project comprises construction of wastewater treatment plant. The main works to be carried out are as follows: Design and build of approximately 15,500 m3/d average flow rate capacity wastewater treatment plant including the supply and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment and all auxiliary facilities for the operation of the plant, Design and build of approximately 70 m, 1200 mm diameter reinforced concrete collector; Testing and commissioning; Operation and maintenance; Training of the municipality staff.