HYDROMENT – ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS S.A. is a constantly growing company that provides specialized consulting services, engineering and management of technical projects, aiming at quality, completeness and integrity of the final product, to provide integrated solutions to complex and specific problems, with emphasis on innovation and sustainable manner in Design (Sustainability in Design).
Founded in Athens in April 2006, initially as a partnership under the name «HYDROMENT ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS O.E.” by Civil Engineers Dimitra Kyrillou, George Tsotsonis, Dimitris Chardas and Surveying Engineer, Lambrakis Alexander, each of which has significant experience in studies and engineering consulting services both in public and private projects.
In November 2008, the company was converted into a limited partnership under the name «HYDROMENT CONSULTING ENGINEERS E.E.” with the entry of new partners and shareholders in different engineering sectors, creating the conditions for the establishment of a group of scholars with superior capabilities, to convert again in December 2013 into a public limited company under the name «HYDROMENT ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS S.A.”.