TITLE:Design of new underground irrigation networks in the areas of the Local Organisations of Land Reclamation (LOLR) of Gastouni, Amaliada, A’ Pyrgos, Pelopio and Epitalio, in the prefecture of Ilia.
NAME OF CLIENT:Ministry of Rural Development and Food
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:• Preliminary and final hydraulic study of the irrigation network, adduction works, and pumping stations.
• Preliminary and final study of electromechanical works for the pumping stations
• Topographic survey
• Geotechnical study
DATES (START):08/2010
DATES (END):02/2013
PLACE:Gastouni, Ilia, Greece
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:Preliminary and final studies for the construction of irrigation networks in an area of 30.000 acres within the limits of Pineios and Alfeios river basins and the limits of the following TOEBs: Amaliada, Gastouni, Pirgos 1st, Pelopio, Epitalio. The above networks will improve the exploitation of water from the Pineios (Central) and Alfeios (Floka) dams. The study aims at the identification of the conditions for the construction of irrigation networks and pumping stations, including preparatory works and supporting studies, such as topographic, geotechnical, environmental, rural, and CBA.
Irrigation surface (mixed / net): 67.193 / 61.040 acres
Total length of irrigation network: 363,8 km
Length of adduction pipes: 2.250 m Φ800 (inflow 1.152 l/s), 1.420 m Φ800 (inflow 414 l/s)
Pumping stations: 3 units (248m2), 4 units (218m2), 2 units (157m2)
Automatic gate valvs (AVIS): 2 units
ORIGIN OF FUNDING:Operational Programme Environment and Sustainable Development
NSRF 2007-13
MIS: 125Α / 34 – 081/8