TITLE:Conveyance and distribution works for the irrigation at Ermionida Municipality (Argolida region)
NAME OF CLIENT:Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Hydroment provided the following services:
• Electromechanical study
• Topographic survey
• Technical Assistance in the preparation of the hydraulic and transport studies
• Environmental design (phase of Environmental impact design, concluding to the issue of the environmental terms of the project) (96.000 EUR)

DATES (START):05/2011
DATES (END):11/2015
PLACE:Ermionida, Argolida, Greece
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:Study for the construction of works to convey and distribute water from the irrigation channel of Anavalos to the area of Ermionida. The works will cover the irrigation needs of an area of 22.000 acres and will contribute to the increament of natural resources that, at the moment, are significantly reduced due to overpumping of groundwater.
The study will provide documented solutions for future works (reservoirs, pumping stations, pipes, etc.) that will permit the conveyance and distribution of water and will therefore improve the problematic situation of natural resources in the area.
The works that will be constructued will cover the irrigation needs of the area in the long run and will improve the quantity and quality of groundwater.
In particular the study will include the following surveys:
• Hydraulic study after the tendering phase (including abstraction works; two pumping stations for the conveyance of water (nominal supply: 2.500 m3 / per hour); cast iron conveyance pipes of 46 km in total, out of which 24 km of cross section F900, 15 km of cross section F800, and 7 km of cross section F700; and two afterbay reservoirs and reservoir with a daily volume of 9.000 m3)
• Electromechanical study after the tendering phase (two pumping stations for the conveyance of water (nominal supply: 2.500 m3 / per hour); and manometer of 135 m)
• Transport study after the tendering phase
• Topographic survey
• Environmental study
• Geotechnical survey and study
• Geological study
• Rural study (technical and financial)
• Cost / benefit analysis
(EU funded)