TITLE:Design of sewage networks and Wastewater Treatment Plants for the settlements of Alepochori and Porto-Germeno
NAME OF CLIENT:Municipality of Madra-Eidillia
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Hydroment provided the following services:
• Preliminary and final hydraulic study that includes drafting of the ToR, design, as well as safety documentation.
• Topographic study for the positioning of WWTPs and depth sounding for the positioning of underwater pipes.
• Chemico-technical study for the operational design of infrastructure related to the dimensions and design of the WWTPs and that of individual units.
• Drafting of the evaluation report of geotechnical studies that include results of the geotechnical programme and drilling that will take place in the locations of the pumping stations and of the WWTPs. They will include outdoors and indoors tests that are necessary to understand the conditions of the foundations of works. Drilling’s total depth will be 45 m.
• Drafting of the environmental impact assesement (EIA) that will lead to the environmental assessment approval that ensure the protection of the environment during the contruction and operation of works.
DATES (START):05/2013
DATES (END):12/2015
PLACE:Mandra, Attica, Greece
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:Preliminary and final study of sweage network and works for the conveyance and disposal of sweage in the settlements of Alepohori and Porto Germeno, as well as preliminary study of a wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the above settlements, belonging to the Municipality of Mandra – Eidillia.

The two settlements do not have a network of sweage collection; therefore effluent ends up in septic tanks or sweage pits that are usually discharged in the surrounding area. This leads to a decline in the quality of natural environment and the quality of life of the population. This project will put an end to the pollution of water resources affecting the area and the Corenthian Gulf. The following groups will benefit: local population by the potential increament in production of goods; future investors (mainly in tourism); visitors that are elevated during summer months; the environment.

The following studies are included:
• Hydraulic
• Electromechanical
• Chemico-technical
• Topographic
• Environmental
• Geotechnical

Location of WWTPs: In Alepohori it will be placed in the settlement, 900 m from the receiver (Corenthain Gulf). In Porto Germeno it will be placed in the northwest end of the settlement, 100 m away from the receiver (Corenthian Gulf).

ORIGIN OF FUNDING:Own funds & Operational Programme Environment and Sustainable Development
NSRF 2007-13