TITLE:Drainage Study of Distomo Settlement – Wastewater Adduction and Wastewater Treatment Plant of Distomo – Steiri Settlements
NAME OF CLIENT:Municipality of Levadia
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:PRELIMINARY AND FINAL STUDY (Sewerage Network works of Distomo Settlement and Waste adduction works of Distomo and Stiri Settlements, WWTP of Distomo – Stiri), Environmental Study
DATES (END):2018
PLACE:Municipality of Levadia, Viotia Prefecture
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:Distomo settlement internal sewerage network has a gravity pipes total length of about 12,3 km. In Stiri settlement, the supply pipeline starts from a terminal well of the existing sewerage network. From the pumping station, the wastewater will be routed to the studied WWTP. Planning data for Distomo and Stiri settlements are: 4100 people and 91,87m3 / h peak supply for a period of 20 years and 5500 people and 117,68m3 / h peak supply for a period of 40 years.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Distomo – Stiri settlements was designed in two phases, the first phase (with a planning period of 20 years) and Phase B (with a planning period of 40 years), to serve a maximum population equivalent of 4,100 and 5,500 residents respectively. The selected processing method based on the project’s file is the Extended Aeration Activated Sludge System with membranes (MBR).