TITLE:Sewerage designs for the settlements Plaka Dilesi and Dilesi of Municipality of Tanagra and extension of the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant of Schimatari-Oinofyta.
NAME OF CLIENT:Municipality of Orhomenos
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Hydroment is the coordinator and major consultant of the studies and is responsible for:
1. Hydraulic designs of internal sewerage networks (Pre-final and Final design). Investigation of alternative solutions and cost-benefit analysis was elaborated within the context of this design.
2. Feasibility study for the financial management of the constructions (cost – benefit analysis).
3. Hydraulic designs of conveyance pipes (Pre-final and Final design)
4. Hydraulic designs of pumping stations (Pre-final and Final design-civil works)
5. Pre-final design of WWTP extension
6. Prepare cost (Engineer’s) estimate.
7. Chemical design (pre-final stage) of WWTP
8. M & E design (pre-final stage) of WWTP
9. Tender documents
10. Health and safety dossiers
11. Topographic surveys and mapping
12. Environmental Impact Assessment (31.000 EUR)
13. Geotechnical design and investigations (for the pumping stations and plant extension)
14. Support for the preparation of the required portfolio (technical forms of the activity) for the Cohesion Fund.
DATES (START):12/2011
DATES (END):12/2012
PLACE:Orchomenos, Viotia, Greece
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:Dilesi and Plaka Dilesi are two coastal settlements belonging to the municipality of Orchomenos. Proximity to Athens and construction of holiday residences transformed them into tourist attractions, especially during summer time.
The assignment concerns all required designs for the project to acquire maturity for tendering within the time deadlines posed by EU environmental directives. Particularly, the project consists of:
1. Full sewerage networks (trunk and minor sewers) of total length 27 km to serve all areas of the settlements Plaka Dilesi and Dilesi.
2. Five pumping-stations to pump sewerage towards the WWTP.
3. Pressure pipes of total length 9.5 kilometres.
4. Extension of the existing WWTP of Schimatari – Oinofyta, in order to accommodate the additional inlet flows. The extension will be implemented in an additional area of 3 acres within the site of the existing plant. Maximum (summer) served population is expected to reach 18 850 inhabitants in phase A (20 years) and 26 100 inhabitants in phase B (40 years)
Project: 23.652.751
ORIGIN OF FUNDING:Operational Programme Environment and Sustainable Development
NSRF 2007-13
(MIS 340060)