TITLE:Preliminary Study Amendment for the project Installation of Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Municipality of Pagaio / Environmental Impact Assessment for the Project: “Wastewater Treatment Plant and External Drainage Networks of the municipality of Pagaio”
NAME OF CLIENT:Municipality of Paggaio
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Preliminary Study, Tender Issues for WWTP and Environmental Impact Assessment
PLACE:Municipality of Paggaio, Prefecture of Kavala
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:The facility has a capacity of 8,000 residents and serves three neighbouring districts. The wastewater will be led to the WWTP through the external transport netwrork Nikisiani-Georgiani-Ag.Christoforou Palaiochorio and Antifilippon.

The WWTP will consist of the following units – projects:
• Wastewater Receiver Unit
• Lift Pumping Station
• Pretreatment unit
• Flowmeter
• Biological Stage Supply Separator
• Biological treatment plant (microorganisms selection well, anaerobic, anoxic tank, aeration tank and mixed liquid pumping stations
• Sedimentation tanks Supply Separator
• Final sedimentation tanks
• Recirculation and sludge disposal Pumping Stations
• Decontamination unit with sodium hypochlorite and dechlorination
• Postaeration Unit
• Distribution Pipeline and technical outfall unit
• Mechanical Sludge thickening – dewatering plant
• Administration Building and outbuildings
• Automation and power distribution
• Projects and infrastructure networks
The treated wastewater will be led to the adjacent drainage ditch, which then leads to the main drainage ditch that leads to Aggitis – Strimona river system.