TITLE:Final Design of Aerobic Treatment of pre-sorted Organic Waste (Composting) and Waste Transfer Station in the Municipality of Prosotsani
NAME OF CLIENT:Municipality of Prosotsani
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Preparation of the Final Study for the Composting Unit and the Waste Transfer Station. Tender Documents.
DATES (END):2016
PLACE:Municipality of Prosotsani, Prefecture of Drama
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:The first area studied is the Facility of the Aerobic Treatment of pre-sorted organic and the second area is the Waste Transfer Station.
Regarding the composting Unit, we carried out the study of procedures for sorting at source and the estimation of required equipment, the dimensioning and choice of method for installation of Aerobic Treatment for pre-sorted organic waste and the assessment of the equipment.
For the Waste Transfer Station we conducted the dimensioning of the facility and the completion of the final study.