TITLE:Updating of existing Studies for the Sewage Networks in Mavromati and Leontari – Thespies Settlements and the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Environmental Study and Permit
NAME OF CLIENT:Municipality of Aliartos
TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED:Final Wastewater Network Study for Mavromati and Leontari – Thespies settlements. WWTP Preliminary Study Environmental Impact Assessment
DATES (END):2013
PLACE:Municipality of Aliartos, Prefecture of Viotia
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:The sewerage network drains the settlements of Mavrommati and Leontari – Thespies of the Municipality of Aliartos through gravitational and pressure pipeline network and 13 pumping stations that transfer wastewater to the WWTP.

The WWTP will be designed to serve the population of Mavrommati and Thespies – Leontari settlements for a period of 20-year (6000 equivalent residents) and to serve two additional settlements (Askri and Neochori) for a 40-year period (10,800 equivalent residents). The biological treatment method applied is the Activated Sludge System with extended aeration, with simultaneous biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The disposal of treated wastewater of the WWTP runs through a 1.175m long pipeline to the adjacent stream of “Askri”.